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Ode to My (e)-Books June 9, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Books & Movies, Poetry, Writing & Writers.

Yesterday, we featured Paula Tohline Calhoun’s Ode To My Books.  Today, as promised, she’s back with . . .

Ode to My (e)-Books                     By Paula Tohline Calhoun, Guest Blogger

Here’s to my books on a glowing screen, and also on CD
Still as good as they’ve ever been, even simultaneously!
On PC,CD-ROM, boom-box, Sony or Kindle,
The total amount of money you spend will
Depend on the types of gadgets you use
And the places you’ll be or the moments you’ll choose
To read or to listen: on the couch, in the car,
On the beach, as you jog – wherever you are!
For the great thing about these bits of technology
Is the writing’s still there! And with no apology
I’ll point out to those who are reading this now, your
Cyber-medium has brought you that power!
So here’s to our books! Whatever the media –
Be it poetry, fiction or encyclopedia,
The pleasures derived from reading will be
Forever available as long as we
Can dismiss the biases we have for dust-jackets
And learn to peruse an internet stack. It’s
nice to imagine that some day down the road
We’ll not be bent low by the large heavy load
Of books we’ve bought and need to build shelves for –
Now that is a dream worth stretching ourselves for!
(Just one problem I feel needs addressing:
What will we do when our flowers need pressing?)

Paula Tohline Calhoun ©2010

For more on Paula, and her writing, check out  her blog, Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror.

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1. nrhatch - June 9, 2010

Paula ~ I edited the first two lines for length (so they would fit better with the graphic). If the change displeases you . . . speak up!

Also, I corrected a typo in the spelling of “simultanenously” both here and in the original version.

Thanks again for guest blogging! : )

Paula - June 9, 2010

Thanks for the corrections! No problem at all, and the first line scans better your way anyway! Which just proves that I really do write these “on the fly” as it were…I picked up on “simultaneously” myself, but after I posted it – so thanks for catching that one too! I’m always delighted to be included in your company. I put in a new post on Reflections today – another rambler, and this one about Al and Tipper…love to know your thoughts in re that debacle if you have time. Thanks again!

nrhatch - June 9, 2010

I’ll pop around shortly!

2. Barbara Gunn - June 9, 2010

So upbeat- so original I love it!
I want the cat with the earphones!!

nrhatch - June 9, 2010

Barbara ~

Isn’t Paula’s Ode grand?!

The cat with the earphones came from avatarist.com

But if you right-click on it with your mouse, you can save it to your computer for future use. : )

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