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Going To The Living Green Expo June 5, 2010

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I’ll be off-line for most of the day.  I’m stepping away from the keyboard to explore The Tampa Living Green Expo in St. Pete:

The Tampa Bay Living Green Expo provides real solutions for people to live better, healthier lives with less impact on the environment.

The Expo connects people who are interested in making a positive difference in both their lives and in their communities.

While I’m gone, make yourselves at home . . .

Kick back


Take a Chill Pill

Meditate on the meaning of life

Dive In


Enjoy new adventures

Open your mind and your heart

Speak up

Share your thoughts

Dare to be free

Dance like no one’s watching

Make your own kind of music

Smile, laugh, repeat

Just remember the Rules of the House.

See ya later, alligator!

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The Cheese Stands Alone: Raclette! June 5, 2010

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My dad traveled the world on business, visiting foreign ports of call with the predictability of clockwork ~ a combination of Swiss timepiece precision and the German ingenuity found in Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest.

Our favorite ~ his twice yearly trips to Geneva Switzerland.

Or, to be more precise, his returns from Switzerland ~ when, in with his luggage, would be fascinating Swiss Army Knives and boxes of miniature Swiss Chocolates for each of us.

Mmm . . .

Wikipedia ~ Switzerland, Cheese Fondue (in Public Domain)

Dad’s travels included opportunities for him to sample local cuisines throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, and North America.  After his trips, my mother, an avid gourmet, re-created his favorite foreign dishes for us to try, with varying degrees of success:

* We enjoyed being introduced to Cheese Fondue ~ dipping and swirling chunks of hearty bread through melted Gruyère, Emmentaler, and Appenzeller cheeses infused with fragrant wine, Kirsch, garlic, and nutmeg.

* We loved the curries of India, the pastas of Italy, and the flavorful Mediterranean fare from Greece.

* We balked at smoked octopus, frog’s legs, escargot, and fish eyes (which  dad had gamely eaten, once, as guest of honor at a dinner in Korea).

Enough about our less palatable culinary adventures, and on to our  favorite Swiss dish . . . Raclette.

Like fondue, Raclette involves melted cheese.  There the similarity ends.

Instead of melting two or three cheese varietals into simmering wine, with guests swirling bread through the mixture, Raclette stands alone . . . almost.

3D-CowA block of Raclette (from the French racler ~ to scrape) is melted in front of a roaring fire and scraped onto individual serving plates.

Guests pass potatoes, gherkins, and pickled onions to partner with the melted Raclette while, fireside, the cheese continues to melt ~ indulging diners in second (and third) portions of gooey deliciousness.

Local peasants and cow herders figure in the history of this delectable dish:

Raclette was mentioned in medieval writings as a particularly nutritious meal consumed by peasants in mountainous Switzerland. It was then known in the German-speaking part of Switzerland as Bratchäs, or “roasted cheese.” Traditionally, the Swiss cow herders used to take the cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire and, when it had reached the perfect softness, scrape it on top of some bread.

Served inside, or under the stars, Raclette stands alone ~ a King among peasant cheeses!

Bon Appetit!

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