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Thanks . . . I Needed That! May 27, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Mindfulness, People.
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Yesterday proved to be more than I could handle on my own:

* Not enough sleep the night before. 

* Early morning testing in a sterile, harsh laboratory setting ~ instead of gradual awakening in natural sunlight.

* Seeing undercover video documenting intentional and sadistic cruelty toward blameless and defenseless calves and cows.  

* Watching the devastation occurring beneath the surface of the usually turquoise seas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Everywhere I looked, I saw negatives. 

Until I changed my focus ~ aided by uplifting comments received both here and on Facebook.   

Yes, there are horrors in the world.  But there is also much to be grateful for.

Today is a new day.  And we should rejoice in it!


Quote:  Life should be more than a series of stressful moments strung together ad infinitum.  Life should be a joyous journey of adventure and discovery.