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The Dirty Truth About Public Pools May 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Humor.
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Donald-Duck-DivingJust when we thought it was safe to go in the water . . . we find that it’s anything but!

The Gulf of Mexico is covered with an oil slick, thanks to BP, and many public pools may be no better.

A recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that public pools may be soiled by fecal matter and urine, especially kiddie pools and fountains.

Public pools, including those in parks and at hotels, also have high levels of sweat and sun screen products floating around the surface.

Makes me long for the days of jumping through sprinklers to cool off . . . moving water and lots of it!

If you’re going to be cooling off poolside this summer, here are a few tips to keep you safe from unsanitary conditions:

(1) Buy a pool test kit and test the pool water periodically for contaminants.

(2) Do NOT swallow pool water.  Ever.

(3) If a shower is available poolside, make it a practice to rinse off before entering the pool and as soon as you get out.

(4)  To increase safety for everyone, ask pool owners and operators to mandate showering for all pool goers.

(5)  Get Bill Murray to come sanitize the pool, Caddyshack style, BEFORE you jump in:

To read more:  CDC:  Look Before Your Leap Into Dirty Public Pools * Fecal Matter Common in Kids’ Swim Area

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It Is What It Is May 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Humor, Mindfulness, People.
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It is what it is . . . and you are who you are. 

Take it one day at a time.

Do not allow others to shatter your dreams, destroy your peace, push your buttons, or ruffle your feathers.

Smile at snipers . . . after all, they have to deal with their issues 24/7 for life!

Learn to step away from the fray ~ why spend time and energy on stuff that matters so little?

Don’t feel you have to drop everything to make their issues your problem.

It’s okay to be allergic to vexatious people. 

Relax.  Stay cool.  Let it all go.  Breathe. 

Forgive and forget.

And, when all else fails, remember three timeless truths:

(1) Wine improves with age.

(2) Age improves with wine.

(3) Life improves with laughter.

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