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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland May 23, 2010

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Growing up, Lewis Carroll (a/k/a Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) and his marvelously evocative characters amused me:

The Mad Hatter ~ presiding over the world’s strangest tea party

The White Rabbit ~ scurrying nervously with his oversized timepiece (“I’m late, I’m late.”)

The Cheshire Cat ~ fading away until only its smile remained behind . . . what a way to go!!!

* The Queen of Hearts ~  imperious in her judgments and blustery pronouncements (“Off with her head!”)

* And, of course, Alice ~ that pragmatic young girl who rolled with the punches and never lost her head. 

Over time, my awe, appreciation, and wonder at Lewis Carroll’s words and creations has grown, rather than diminished. 

He makes it look so easy . . . when writing is anything but.

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Maintaining Perspective May 23, 2010

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As discussed in Zig-Zagging to the Zenith and The Virtually Inevitable Backslide:

Maintaining an enlightened perspective when faced with the daily challenges of life is difficult . . .  something or someone pushes our buttons, and our time-worn automatic response kicks into high gear causing us to backslide.

One such challenge . . . finding out we have a Secret (or not-so-secret) Dis-Admirer.

I just got back from rummaging around Rik’s Blog, Uphill Writing, looking for some examples of thoughts We Think In Sync

While there, I stumbled upon some “unpleasant” words that had been tossed in my direction the other day. 

Since I don’t generally subscribe to comment links, I only learned of their existence as I wandered through the under-brush on my way from one post to another.

In short, the individual in question called me a fake and phony bitch.  (To read her comments in context:  A Matter of Perspective).

Did I take offense? 

Nope.  She’s entitled to her opinion ~ just as I’m entitled to mine.  “We have as many reputations as we have acquaintances.” 

As I said in a comment the other day:

Most angry words tossed my way these days merely cause me to “pause and reflect.” If I’m not satisfied with how I handled something, I apologize.

Otherwise, I just let the angry words drift away into the nothingness they are ~ rather than absorbing them into my being.

Generally, it’s not the angry words that hurt . . . it’s how we choose to process them.

Angry words . . . just pebbles on our path. 

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We Think In Sync May 23, 2010

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Tied together by invisible threads

Of knowledge

Looping endlessly through the vast expanse

Of minds and men

The thoughts we think we think

Circulate and percolate

For eons

Before we pause to drink  them in   

In sync

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Milestones and Markers May 23, 2010

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Our oldest Nephew graduated from High School Friday night!  Time to share a few grins:

Left to Right:  Sarah (14), Emily (17), Nathan (18), and Kelli (11)

Nathan plans to enter the University of Chicago in September ~ to further his interests in math, science, and music. 

Go Nathan!

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Wake Up and Be The Lotus May 23, 2010

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What are you?

A God?

An Angel?

A Saint?


No, replied the Buddha, I am a~w~a~k~e.

Take Five May 23, 2010

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What better way to enjoy a summer day than with that cool and creamy treat?

Ice Cream!


While we’re at it, let’s invent a brand new flavor for Ben & Jerry’s to market this summer.  I’d call mine . . . Take Five!   

My ice cream creation  would mimic my favorite candy bar ~ Hershey’s Take Five ~ while reminding me to “step away from the keyboard” and take a break:

(1) Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (2) Swirls of Peanut Butter (3) Ribbons of Creamy Caramel (4) Crunchy Pretzel Bits (5) Salty Peanuts

Now it’s your turn . . . how would you Take Five?  List your five ingredient fix below . . . and let’s see if we can get Ben & Jerry to come round and taste-test our creations.

For inspiration, visit Ben & Jerry’s:  Flavors * Flavor Graveyard * Gift Shop

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