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Pursue Your Purpose With Passion May 19, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Humor.

170px-alice_par_john_tenniel_30Whether you want to claim your “15 minutes of fame” on TV, or just be a star in your daily life, the key to success and happiness is the same:  pursue your purpose with passion or your passion with purpose.

Even if you are not “leading man” material, there are ways to get noticed on TV without having to rob a bank, have an affair with the President, or streak around Giants stadium to get a five second spot on the nightly news.

Unless you are already stripping down to your briefs to head to the closest stadium, keep the remote handy.

Let’s channel surf through options to find the spot that is the best fit for your time and talents, as well as your unique skills, interests, and abilities:

Talk Shows ~ Talk Show hosts (Dave, Ellen, Oprah, Leno, and others) get paid to crack jokes, act silly, and chat with celebrities.  Gigs (even when they are cancelled) will fill your piggy bank with more than a few quarters ~ just ask Conan!

Of course, if you are in the limelight, you will eventually attract the wrong kind of attention, like stalkers and paparazzi.  Losing your anonymity is the price of fame.

Sitcoms ~ There’s lots of money to be made in comedy even if you can’t deliver a monologue night after night.  But, let’s get real for a moment, unless you are as good looking and buffed as Will Smith, or as funny as Ellen, the networks probably are not lined up to offer you a leading role in a sitcom.

In short, you’re not likely to be offered “The Fresher Prince of Bel Air,” or “The Ellen Degenerate Show,” at least not right off the bat.

Just like climbing the career ladder in the real world, you often have to start at the bottom, and climb rung by rung to reach the top.

Guest Spots ~ If the networks are not lined up to offer you a leading role in a popular sitcom, consider guest spots: (1) take an extended leave of absence from your current life; (2) move to Hollywood; (3) sign up with the Screen Actors Guild; (4) get your SAG card; and (5) start heading out for auditions.

Plan to start small.

Networks don’t offer prime guest spots on shows like “My Name is Earl” to aspiring actors . . . unless they can act dumber than Randy, more erudite than Crabman, or more wicked than Joy.

Most jobs are the same, you start small and build on your experiences day by day until you . . . can act dumber than your boss, more erudite than your co-workers, and more wicked than the office back-stabber.

If comedic timing is not your thing, stay tuned for Part 2 –> Get Real!

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1. Mstrongair - June 14, 2010

Ellen, Oprah, Leno, Conan.
I love them all.
I thought it was very funny when Conan one day put his microphone inside his left nostril and began breathing and making noises. It made me crack in laughter.
He also explained how his boss/producer asked him not to do that.
I love that humorous rebellionness and artistic transgression.

I wonder what would happen if producers made a show about “educational entertainers”, teachers that can be very funny and effective in teaching and help other teachers learn about that.
Or reality shows in classes…

nrhatch - June 14, 2010

I love educational entertainment ~ learning while enjoying some laughter and smiles!

Thanks for your comments.

BTW: I’m with Conan’s producers . . . ewww!!!!

2. Mstrongair - June 14, 2010

Now I don’t know what to say…

How can you tell in writing if it is real, sarcasm or not? (I asked Ricky, he told me I knew, I don’t)…

But just in case you are with Conan, please tell that cool guy to keep doing that and play the civil disobedience with his boss. =) hahahhah

And well, I would like to say many things but I might get too long… Succintess is not my thing.

nrhatch - June 14, 2010

Well, you have several options:

1) Don’t worry about whether it’s sarcasm or not. In other words, decide for yourself how you want to take a comment.

If we always assume that a comment was meant in the nicest possible way, we walk around with a smile on our face more often than not. : )

2) Assume the comment was designed to offend you . . . and let it roll off your back and drift away.

Because, really, who cares what other people think. : )

3) Ask the author of the comment to explain what he/she meant (not always possible).

In this case, I honestly am not a fan of well paid talk show hosts sticking their fingers (or anything else) up their noses on TV.

But I laugh my ass off at some of the crude, rude humor in Animal House and Caddyshack.

Go figure.

So don’t let my “mild disapproval” affect your enjoyment of the moment. Anything that makes us laugh is a good thing. It’s just that we tend to laugh at different things.

I often find myself laughing when all around me are silent . . . but I never stop laughing on their account. : )

Life improves with laughter!

3. Mstrongair - June 14, 2010

Yes, certainly, it does.
Thank you Nancy.

nrhatch - June 14, 2010

One of my laughing buddies from HS is stopping by this Thursday.

Ready, set . . . LAUGH!!! : )

4. Mstrongair - June 14, 2010

Thank you nice.
I don’t know if you are aware how much your words have made a difference.

nrhatch - June 14, 2010

Words can be very powerful indeed.

My life has improved greatly since reading some of the authors discussed in this blog: Marianne Williamson, Elaine St. James, The Dalai Lama, Randy Pausch, Lama Surya Das, etc.

Sharing the wisdom of their words with others makes me feel like I’m giving something back to the Universe.

But change is always more dependent on the listener than the speaker. If your life has changed for the better, it’s because YOU made it happen.


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