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Going To The Chapel May 16, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.

Groom-&-Bride-catsTimes sure have changed . . .

Back when marriages lasted a lifetime (you know, “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health . . . til death us do part”), wedding  ceremonies tended to be simple affairs ~ a few close friends and family members invited to witness the couple’s exchange of vows before priest, rabbi, minister, judge, or justice of the peace.

Now that the wedding ceremony and reception often last longer than the marriage itself, people are “mixing it up” a bit.

If you’re planning to tie-the-knot, here are two novel ideas to consider:

* Have a 4 foot tall i-Fairy officiate: Robot Conducts Wedding Ceremony 

* Have a wedding on the water.  No, not by the water . . . on the water.

Now available for Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Anniversaries, Celebrations, Baptisms, Christenings, and Memorials . . . America’s only Floating Chapel on the Bay!

It’s actually a gorgeous little chapel, complete with stained glass windows looking out on Sarasota Bay.

What I want to know . . .

Does the bridal party have to wear life jackets over their wedding finery when wind whips up the waves? Or does the US Coast Guard make an exception for floating chapels?

For more information, check out Weddings on Water! 


1. Richard W Scott - May 16, 2010

Cool post! Loved it.

2. nrhatch - May 16, 2010

Right back at ya . . . the idea of i-Fairy robots leading bride and groom in their wedding vows just makes me laugh.

3. cindy - May 16, 2010

LOL! I don’t know about the life jackets.
(But I did get married on the water!)

4. nrhatch - May 16, 2010

Did you? By the captain of the ship?

The floating chapel seems quite romantic ~ they take the wedding party through intercoastal waters, dock for the ceremony, and then cruise some more.

Pretty cool.

5. Joanne - May 16, 2010

Hmm… I’ll save this reference for my “third time’s a charm” marriage — just in case…! I really DO want to believe it’s possible to take a plunge that will keep a couple afloat for a lifetime… Just haven’t found the right robot to officiate the ceremony, I suppose…

theonlycin - May 17, 2010

I stuck it lucky the fourth time Joanne … don’t give up hope.

nrhatch - May 17, 2010

Yay! We may be “complete” as we are, but finding someone to walk (or wade) through life with us adds to the fun.

“Happiness is being married to your best friend.”

6. nrhatch - May 16, 2010

Joanne ~

This chapel is docked just a few miles from where we live.

So, when you’re ready to tie the knot for your “third time’s a charm” . . . keep it in mind. : )

7. nancycurteman - May 16, 2010

Neat little chapel. By the way, some studies have determined that more simple weddings result in longer lasting marriages than do the marriages that started with great elaborate weddings.

nrhatch - May 16, 2010

Why does that not surprise me?

Maybe because the rich and famous go through marriages faster than I go through paper towels. : )

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