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Free To Be . . . Me! May 9, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Less IS More, Spirit & Ego.

Spiritual advice I’ve received “saved my life.” The life I had been living was not my own ~ I was an unhappy shadow of the real me.

As I set out on a more spiritual path, I learned that we can walk through life a bit more boldly . . . we don’t have to pretend to be someone we are not in order to meet the expectations of others:

Way of the Peaceful Warrior * Simplify Your Life * Awakening To The Sacred

I realized I was Free To Be Me. 

I started to reclaim my life, be more authentic, and follow my own path.

I expect it is a challenge that many of us share:  The roads are many, the goal is one ~ becoming who we were always intended to be.

It’s very liberating . . . although some people got annoyed that I was no longer willing to be who THEY wanted me to be.

So be it.

Quote:  Always remember that you don’t have to be what they want you to be. ~ Mohammad Ali

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