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Maybe You’re Right . . . April 23, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Mindfulness, People, Spirit & Ego.
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My reality is my reality.  Your reality may be different.

Our opinions are just that . . . opinions. Mere pulses of energy.  Nothing more.

In the words of John Lennon, they’re “nothing to get hung about.”

What works perfectly for me may not work for you.  Sometimes we will agree.  Other times, we will not.

On the spiritual path, the open exchange of ideas tends to expand horizons and break down imaginary walls as long as our ideas are offered in a spirit of cooperation, rather than from Ego’s need to “be right.”

When we share what we’ve learned out of “generosity of spirit,” the process encourages us:

* to observe the world around (and within) us less judgmentally

* to think (as independently as possible) about issues that matter to us

* to make conscious decisions for ourselves about how best to live our lives in order to become more fully who we desire to be

As we train ourselves to look within for answers, clarity and peace of mind begin to surface with increasing frequency.

If others disagree with us, we see that we don’t need to argue about who is “right” and who is “wrong.”

We can choose to “let it go.”

When Ego jumps at the chance to debate minutiae, rather than exploring areas of agreement, that decision rarely arises from a spirit of cooperation.

If we look to Ego for guidance, we often waste time and energy competing for bragging rights.  We get caught up in the “debating game” ~ wanting to debate, argue, and/or shoot the messenger every time a message, no matter how mild, clashes with our “way of thinking.”

In my experience, arguing about divergent opinions (solely to satisfy Ego’s desire to compete) is not a good use of our limited time on this planet.

Rushing to defend our “point of view” every time someone says something that doesn’t fit into our current wardrobe of thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and opinions rarely adds to our spiritual happiness in life.

Since I’m writing Spirit Lights The Way to increase happiness, both yours and mine, I’m going to do my best to disengage anytime Ego puffs out its chest and challenges me to “defend my point of view.”

I’m happy to clarify my thoughts if something isn’t clear.

I’m delighted when someone says, “That’s interesting.  I’ve had just the opposite experience” ~ especially if they offer to share their observations.

But if Ego urges me to jump into the ring to defend my point of view due solely to its desire to “be right,” I’m going to resist pulling on the gloves to fight . . . and strive to leave the arena in peace.

Aah . . . that’s better!

Quote:  Maybe you’re right.  And maybe you’re wrong.  But I ain’t gonna argue with you no more, I’ve done it for too long. ~ Cat Stevens

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