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Tiny Green Thumbs Workshop April 22, 2010

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This morning, to celebrate Earth Day, Bill and I biked 3.5 miles through Robinson Preserve to Geraldson Community Farm ~ our local CSA.

As we rode, I greeted the bikers, walkers, joggers and kayakers we passed with a chipper, “Happy Earth Day!”

A handful of recipients broke into friendly smiles at the greeting, faces displaying recognition of the day’s significance before they reciprocated in kind.

Most, however,  just looked confused . . .

Huh????  What???  Earth Day???

Despite the overall lack of enthusiasm for Earth Day 2010, we enjoyed the ride through the preserve, traveling at a leisurely speed of 9 miles per hour, until we reached the farm, where we parted ways.

Bill continued his Earth Day travels to De Soto National Memorial.

I stayed to join Tony (7) and Jackie (3) Rappold, part-year residents of Anna Maria Island, as they harvested “the fruits of their labor” during the Tiny Green Thumbs Workshop.

What a wonderful way to spend Earth Day!

Having attended a previous Green Thumbs workshop at the farm (when they fertilized vegetables), Tony and Jackie spent today reaping the “seeds” they sowed earlier this year.


They learned about growing conditions in Florida, tap roots, organic material, seed pods, fibrous roots, friendly weeds, and the microscopic life of soil.

Jackie and Tony harvested fresh vegetables and flowers:

Radishes,  Carrots,  Onions,

Gentry Squash, Zucchini,

Mustard Greens, Sunflowers . . .

And a wayward Broccoli plant.

Last visit, Tony and Jackie brought a souvenir home ~ a caterpillar which wasted no time before devouring the parsley patch in their backyard.

The caterpillar paid them back by emerging from its cocoon as a beautiful Swallow Tail Butterfly.

Will Tony and Jackie become the next generation of organic farmers?

Maybe, maybe not.

But spending Earth Day 2010 at Geraldson Community Farm gave them (and me!)  a chance to witness a few of Mother Nature’s miracles first hand.

Thanks for the tour, William!


1. Linda - April 23, 2010

Thanks Nancy for documenting the Tiny Green Thumbs Day at the Farm!!

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