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Finding Our Place In The World ~ Part 3 April 19, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, People.

Continued from Finding Our Place In The World ~ Part 2

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Our young man continues to evolve.  He still argues, and competes with others, but he also learns to cooperate and lend a helping hand.  He learns that he no longer feels good about getting the biggest piece of the pie, if others around him are hungry. 

He sees that offering something to the world is usually the best way to get what he really craves . . . inner peace and lasting happiness. 

He awakens to the realization that the happier he becomes in his own life, the more he wants to help others achieve lasting happiness in their lives.  This growing compassion allows him to see and appreciate the suffering in others, and creates in him the desire to help them eliminate unnecessary suffering.  

His pursuit of happiness leads to generosity of spirit ~ but he learns to be generous with the parts of himself that he most wants to share.  

He realizes that time passes quickly and that every moment is precious.  He reflects on what is of value to him, and sets his priorities accordingly ~ and he encourages others to do the same.

At night, lying awake in bed, he looks back over the rapidly passing days,  weeks, months, and years, to see if he is headed in the right direction, or whether a course correction is required.  In the late night quiet, as he reflects on who he is, he drifts off to sleep with a smile ~ he has, indeed, found his place in the world.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.  ~ The Dalai Lama

As a child, our young woman desperately wanted to belong and be accepted by others.  To accomplish that objective, she wore masks to disguise her true essence from the world. 

As the years pass, she grows in self-acceptance, and eventually decides that she is no longer willing to hide her essence from the world.  She would rather be rejected for being herself, than accepted for engaging in a game of charades.  

One by one, she discards her masks and abandons her faux personas ~ the roles she had played to gain acceptance from others.  On a quiet night, after discarding the last of her masks, she drifts off to sleep with a smile on her face ~ thinking, “Who I am is who I want to be.” 

She has, at last, found her place in the world. 

May we all do the same.

Nature does not ask, “what do they want me to be?”  It’s glory lies in its authenticity.


1. Loreen Lee - April 19, 2010

That’s a beautiful story. Both found compassion, and I hope not only towards others, but towards themselves. Thank you for these.

2. nrhatch - April 19, 2010

That’s an excellent observation, Loreen.

In general, our happiness increases when we find our unique place in life, and find people who accept us as we are to share that space. To do that, we must evaluate our own interests, and free up time and space for our priorities.

When we take time to consider who we are, and what we want out of life, we become more fully who we were always meant to be.

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