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Finding Our Place In The World April 18, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Mindfulness, People.
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7dwarfsIf we want to find our place in the world, we can’t just play “follow the leader.” 

Instead, we must focus on our unique desires and repeatedly ask, “What do I want out of life?”  

“It’s a Boy!” announces the doctor, or nurse, and holds up the infant for the world to see.  Father and mother beam with pride at their newborn son.  In this child, this infant, infinite possibilities are seen.

Maybe he’ll be a writer, a musician, a family man, a doctor, a rocket scientist, a husband, an uncle . . . but what these parents want most of all on that day, the day of their son’s birth, is to know that their child will love and be loved wherever the journey of life takes him.

The scenario may be somewhat different in cases of adoption, but the emotions are similar.  As the birth mother hands over her infant daughter to the eager adoptive parents, entrusting them to care for her baby girl, the new parents see infinite possibilities for her future.

Wherever the boy is raised, whether on a farm or in the city, he immediately starts to interact with the environment around him.  He touches things and puts them in his mouth.  He listens to sounds, and emulates them.

His first words, spoken proudly, fall on ears that are truly listening.

He investigates smells, and finds some more pleasant than others.  He investigates with taste, first with food, and later with clothing, hobbies, and friends, to find his own preferences.

The infant girl evolves into a toddler, and then into a young girl.  She learns how to relate to the world by exploring, experimenting, and emulating her parents, friends, and siblings.  She learns how to tie her shoes, and blow a bubble.  She learns that she likes pizza better than broccoli.  She excels at sports, or sits on the sidelines.  She aces tests, or struggles with math.

Through it all, her parents smile in encouragement as their daughter continues to grow and evolve into a woman who will one day leave the nest to fly on her own.

They hope she will soar!

Proudly, and a bit sadly, parents watch their boy, their precious son, enter the real world, where he will have to make decisions for himself and they can no longer shelter him from harm.  They hope that, with the guidance they and others around him have provided, he will make wise decisions.

While they might want to call him back to the nest, they usually don’t ~ knowing he needs to learn to fend for himself in life.  They understand that “boats are safe in harbor, but that’s not what boats are for.”

As the young woman sets off on the bold adventure that is to be her life, she has her experiences to guide her on the journey.  She has courage and wisdom to help her make good decisions.  And when she makes a mistake or shows an error in judgment, she stands up and tries again ~ just like she did when she was learning to walk.

To be continued in Part 2.


All We Need To Know April 18, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Music & Dance.
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170px-alice_par_john_tenniel_30We are here for the greater good of all
To use our talents, great or small
Each of us has a contribution to make
Pathways to follow, seeds to sow and rake

Become one with the moon, the stars, the sun
Under the heavens, we all are one
We are connected through spirit within
Our spiritual light knows where to begin

Embrace the light ~ let your worries go
Spirit teaches all we need to know
Plant your love and watch as it grows
Plant your love and watch it grow

Sometimes the way is shrouded in mist
But spirit guides us, so worries desist
Focus on the present, the future will unfold
Filling your heart with delights untold

Be who you were intended to be
Flout expectations, and dare to be free
Be wild and courageous and humble and caring
And above all, always be daring

Have faith that you are growing whole
That you are learning lessons craved by your soul
That your focus is aimed where it’s needed
That decisions you reach ought to be heeded

Plant your love, and let it grow
Embrace spirit’s light ~ just let go
Spirit teaches all we need to know
That’s all we need to know

We don’t need to know where we’re going to enjoy the journey.