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The Zeitgeist Movement April 17, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, People, Sustainable Living.

The Zeitgeist Movement (the activist arm of The Venus Project) claims to be a grass-roots effort to change the economic infra-structure of the world from a monetary based system (based on greed) to a resource based system (based on need). 

An introductory pamphlet,  The Zeitgeist Movement ~ Observations and Responses (an 83-page PDF file), strongly contends that science, nature and technology (rather than religion, politics and money) hold the keys to a sustainable future for our planet. 

In clear, concise and flowing discussion, the authors explain many of the problems inherent in our current economic system, then offer an alternative ~ a world “beyond politics, poverty, and war” where everyone benefits from the shared goals of Liberty, Equality, and Abundance.

Admittedly, it’s very Sci-Fi and futuristic . . . but so were planes, televisions, computers, cell phones, and digital cameras a few short years ago. 

In a nutshell, this “brave new world” would require us to:

* Stop using a monetary based economy.

* Promote the advance of technology rather than retarding its growth ~ as auto manufacturers did with the electric car.  [See Ten Movies Worth the Price of AdmissionWho Killed The Electric Car?]

* Build innovative cities, relying on computers to monitor, maintain, and repair all systems and resources.

* Enlist robots and machines to do most of the “heavy lifting,” freeing up our time for more “enlightened” livelihoods. 

For a more complete overview: Huffington Post Reviews Zeitgeist Day 2010  and New York Times Reviews Zeitgeist Day 2009

For an opponent’s claim that the movement is nothing more than a “mind heist” and scam to raise money:  Zeitgeist is a Mind Heist

The Venus Project, if successfully implemented, would offer many benefits over our current economic system.  

My favorite?  That’s easy . . . read my lips:  No more politicians!  

That’s right!  No Republicans.  No Democrats.  No mud-slinging.  No wasteful government spending.  No protracted campaigns fueled by lobbyists.  No costly elections held to appease the masses and give us the sense that we are living in a democracy.  No legislation designed to keep us in line and maintain the status quo for the benefit of big business. 

And . . . no more unfulfilled campaign promises. 

Instead, computers would inventory resources, plan necessary production, organize distribution, and eliminate unnecessary waste . . . without bias, prejudice, greed, or corruption. 

Sign me up! 

While their vision of the future is based on predicted (rather than proven) changes in human behavior once profit motives are eliminated, it makes for an interesting read, especially if you would like to live in a world with:

* Ample time for everyone on the planet to pursue fulfilling livelihoods rather than being “slaves” to dead-end jobs.

* Fast, safe, and hassle-free transportation ~ just hop on a train going 4,000 miles an hour and visit friends around the world . . . with no borders to cross because governments and countries are obsolete.   

* Elegantly designed cities, using clean green power to fuel our homes, our factories, and our farms.

* Houses that dust and vacuüm themselves.

* Cars that require no fossil fuels to run, have zero emissions, and rarely break down.

* No repair bills or insurance premiums because planetary resources are monitored, maintained, and repaired by computers ~ when we want to play golf, we just head to the course, pick up a perfectly fitted set of clubs, and turn them in when we leave.

* Reduced crime rates because resources are shared, needs are being met, and no one is buying stolen goods to make a quick profit.

* No wars orchestrated for profit.  [Ten Movies Worth the Price of AdmissionWhy We Fight]

* No corruption, power, or greed to distort the allocation of resources. 

Rather than rushing to judgment, or listening to my Killer ANTS ( those automatic negative thoughts that insidiously try to keep us from reaching for the stars), I read straight through the document in one sitting ~ keeping  an open mind, suspending disbelief, and imagining the world they describe.

At a minimum, it’s worth considering . . . if you’re looking for ways to get from where we are . . . to where we want to be.

Quote:  We are one ~ one world, one planet, one people, one future.

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1. Chad - April 18, 2010

Nancy, there is a lot of complete crap in the Zeitgeist movement alongside the good stuff. I’m talking pseudo-science, pseudo-religion, prophecy, conspiracy theories, you name it. Just sayin’.

2. nrhatch - April 18, 2010

I’m sure there is. : )

What I really enjoyed about the PDF file: the explanations offered for why big business and government have NOT fully embraced technologies we have available to us that would save planetary resources ~ the electric car, renewable energy, etc.

From what I’ve read, so far, the first movie focused on conspiracy theories ~ the Addendum backed away from those issues because it really doesn’t matter what brought us to where we are today . . . the reasons are many.

What matters is where we are going from here.

That said, I expect that their “conspiracy theories” have at least some basis in fact: our current government is corrupt, war is unnecessary, and both are used to make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful at the expense of the little guy.

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