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Don’t Blink! April 14, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor.

Time flies . . . faster and faster and faster with each passing year.  At this stage in my life, entire seasons pass by in the blink of an eye: 



{Blink} Winter


   {Blink}  Spring            



{Blink} Summer 



{Blink} . . . Don’t Fall!   

It’s as dizzying as being in a disco, watching  people dancing under a strobe light operating remotely at super-sonic speeds . . . because someone is sitting on the fast forward button. 

Or like being on a Merry-Go-Round or Carousel moving at roller coaster speeds. 

So, how do we get time and life to s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n?

Stop blinking!!!  Stay in the moment.  Be here now. 

Or move to Florida . . . 

Here, no matter how many times I blink, it’s “summer” or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Happy Earth Day 2010 . . . or is it 2011 already?


1. Donald Mills - April 14, 2010

2010? Last time I checked it was 1989. What’d I miss?

2. nrhatch - April 14, 2010

Donald ~

I know the feeling . . .

In 1989, none of our 10 nieces and nephews had made an appearance. Now, the oldest are driving and making college plans.

In 1989, we lived in NC. Since then, we’ve moved six times and have lived in four states (NJ, VA, MD, and now FL).

In 1989, I practiced law with the first firm I joined after law school. Since then, I’ve worked at 2 other law firms and 2 non-profits.

And even with ALL that water over the dam . . . 1989 seems no more than a blink ago.

Thanks for commenting!

3. Joanne - April 16, 2010

The concept of time and all related subjects — e.g., time flying, running out, standing still, and my all-TIME favorite, Time Travel — has always been my most fascinating obsession… Don’t even get me started on how many lifeTIMES I’ve lived — in just 53 years of THIS lifetime alone…!

I now realize why we reincarnate with voluntary amnesia, and why many of us choose to go into the hereafter with fewer memories — if any at all. However, not blinking is key to taking the best of all human emotions with us…

Oh… a little on and off-topic, but I just saw an infomercial for digital cameras that detect blinks and alert the photographer so he can retake a photo… Okay, TIME is ticking away and I need to be getting up to an alarm clock in just a few hours… NOOOO!!! Even in Sunny Southern California I can’t escape TIME…

4. nrhatch - April 16, 2010

Time is a precious commodity ~ a bank account which mandates withdrawals and prohibits deposits. : )

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