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Do What You Love April 14, 2010

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by Dr. Alisa Cooper, Guest Blogger

Uniquely encoded in the depth of your genes,
Are the skill sets you need to fulfill all your dreams.
These abilities and talents are the essence of you,
They define your true purpose, what you’re here to do.

“But what is my purpose? How will I know?”
Relax for a moment, and go with the flow.
Your purpose is simple and sent from above,
You are here on this earth to do what you love!

“Do what I love? But I won’t make a buck!”
“Do you expect me to get by on my looks or my luck?”
There are plenty of ways to carve out a living,
As long as your true self you focus on giving.

“But I haven’t a trait that is worthy of noting,
No legacy to leave or wise words to be quoting.”
You do something quite well, with your signature style,
And when you’re doing that thing, on your face is a smile.

You can touch someone’s life and lift up their mood,
Be it cutting their hair or preparing great food.
It’s so simple we miss it, or we’re taught not to see,
So we just play it safe and pay a great fee.

But playing it safe won’t set you on fire,
Put a song in your heart, or fuel your desire.
But do what you love and with zest you’re imbued,
A fire is lit, and your life is renewed.

But don’t quit your day job, at least not just yet,
You’ll want food on the table and have needs to be met.
You must have a plan, defined goals, and a vision,
To help you accomplish this pre-ordained mission.

To go from Point A to Point B can be tricky,
So plot out a course, be careful and picky.
If you meet with resistance or take a wrong turn,
Go back and re-work it, and see what you’ve learned.

Don’t fret about making a slew of mistakes,
Always remember you have what it takes!
My wish for you now is something divine,
To do what you love in two thousand and nine.

Alisa lives, loves and laughs in Scottsdale, Arizona where she practices chiropractic, clinical nutrition and life coaching.

She wrote this poem on the eve of 2009
To wish friends a year filled with the divine.
Her words are still relevant in 2010
And, next year, in 2011, they will be again.

Dr. Alisa Cooper, The Wellness Coach


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Don’t Blink! April 14, 2010

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Time flies . . . faster and faster and faster with each passing year.  At this stage in my life, entire seasons pass by in the blink of an eye: 



{Blink} Winter


   {Blink}  Spring            



{Blink} Summer 



{Blink} . . . Don’t Fall!   

It’s as dizzying as being in a disco, watching  people dancing under a strobe light operating remotely at super-sonic speeds . . . because someone is sitting on the fast forward button. 

Or like being on a Merry-Go-Round or Carousel moving at roller coaster speeds. 

So, how do we get time and life to s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n?

Stop blinking!!!  Stay in the moment.  Be here now. 

Or move to Florida . . . 

Here, no matter how many times I blink, it’s “summer” or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Happy Earth Day 2010 . . . or is it 2011 already?