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No TP? No Way! April 11, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Life Balance, Sustainable Living.

In No Impact Man: The Documentary, one New York City family documented its efforts to  reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to lessen their carbon footprint on the planet.

In this post, we’ll address . . . toilet paper!  Necessity?  Or luxury? You decide.

During the 12 month experiment, No Impact Man and his family gave up all paper products ~ including toilet paper:

[They] stopped using disposable products ~ no paper napkins, no take out containers, no paper towels, no plastic bags, no plastic water bottles, no disposable razors, and . . . no toilet paper.


Of all the changes they made, that change seems the most extreme.  I’m willing to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but . . . I’m not giving up toilet paper without a fight.

When I posted a review of the film on WEbook, everyone agreed about the inherent value of TP:

Amy ~ Like you, I’m not forfeiting toilet paper.  Not happening.

Larilie ~ I’m quite keen on toilet paper, myself!  I like the idea of getting rid of STUFF so long as it goes to other people!

Andi ~ So, I have to cut down on the take out, OK, I can do that.
I have to recycle more, OK.
I have to go without TV – mmm, OK.
Use only my feet as transport – ah, I can manage that.
I have to go without toilet paper – no f*cking way!!
Excuse me but – no. I’ll use LESS toilet paper, but I’m not giving it up.

Kent ~ This was a fascinating read!  And apparently viewed with both
pros and cons.  As for myself, I could go without just about anything
mentioned.  Except T.P. ~ unless there was an over abundance of broad-leafed vegetation about!

As indicated by the general consensus,  TP is a disposable product worth hanging onto.  The solution?  Keep the TP and reduce, reuse, and recycle in other areas of our lives.

In Simplify Your Life, Elaine St. James gave readers 100 ways to simplify their lives and live more meaningfully on the planet.  Knowing that Life Is Not One-Size-Fits-All, Ms. St. James encourages readers to focus first on the tips that would be easiest to implement.

By getting rid of stuff that doesn’t mean much, we gain clarity about what we want before we have to make tough choices.  By making conscious choices, we create room for clarity:  No Impact Man: A Dose of Clarity.

Now, back to the issue-at-hand . . . or should I say tissue-in-hand?

Although I’m a bit of a tree hugger, toilet paper is a convenience worth its weight in pulp to me.

It’s sanitary and it’s a real time saver . . .

Just wipe and flush ~ no need to air dry your ass.

I expect we will always view toilet paper as a necessity in our house.

For one thing, I just can’t imagine greeting overnight guests with, “So great to see you!  Here’s your towel, your wash cloth, and . . . your butt wipe.”

Fortunately, companies like Marcal now manufacture TP from post-consumer recycled paper:  since it’s recycled, the broken down fibers feel S-O-F-T on tender bums.

When Marcal products are on sale, I stock up on economy size packs of TP ~ it won’t go stale, it won’t spoil, and it’s always going to be in demand . . . in our house anyway.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. RichardWScott - April 11, 2010

A thought-provoking, if slightly discomforting, post.

nrhatch - September 7, 2013

T.P. is a necessary luxury in our “necessary.” 😛

2. happyflowerwordzoo002 - September 7, 2013

Well spoken, without rubbing anybody the wrong way. 🙂 Just teasing. I was thinking about this luxury and the post prompted recall of what was considered TP in outhouse at the farm. There was a time TP was not so prevalent. I would not even consider TP a luxury now. Thanks for post.

nrhatch - September 7, 2013

Bwahaha! Good one. I could live without many of our modern conveniences but TP is a necessary luxury. :mrgreen:

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