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Doubt April 8, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Meditation, Mindfulness, Spirit & Ego.

Many of our doubts (in life and in writing) come from being afraid of being ridiculed by others.  

Our ego tries to play it safe by conforming to the expectations of others ~ saying what “they” want us to say, instead of saying what we actually feel.

We are socialized and conditioned to bend the truth to suit our listener’s deaf ears:  Bending the Rules . . . And the Truth.

Of course, when we are young, we often need to “go along to get along.”  But as adults, if we want to develop lasting happiness, we need to give ourselves the freedom to be exactly who we want to be, and to say exactly what we want to say.  

Independent thinking is not easy, but it’s worth it:  Be Authentic.

It took me a long time to be able to shrug off the  expectations of others in order to follow my own road. Even now, some days, I wonder whether I would be happier trying to be more like “they” want me to be. 

Then I come across something like the piece on Billie Holiday (posted as What Is In You . . . Let It Out!) and I am reminded anew that there is a very high price to pay whenever we do not follow our own dreams.

So, what should we do when the doubts creep in? 

Do what The Buddha did . . . meditate.  

As soon as we stop thinking all the negative counter-productive thoughts and focus on our breath, our smiles emerge, and our calm peaceful center returns.

Quote:  Breathe.  Just Breathe.  ~ Anna Nalick

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1. Patti Aker - April 8, 2010

This is a nice read; empowering truthfulness to start the day!

2. nrhatch - April 8, 2010

Thanks, Patti!

When we refuse to let our lights shine . . . our happiness diminishes in considerable margin.

When we let our lights shine more fully, we give others permission to do the same: https://nrhatch.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/our-deepest-fear/

Embrace the day!

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