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Marshmallows and Wieners ~ Contest #6 March 29, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor.

The April Fool’s Day Contest continues!   Post your best guess below.

* * * * * 

During the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, a semi-retired artist and writer runs a federally owned campground with her husband.   

The price for a slice of paradise at her pristine and well-run campground? 

An economical $21 a night, complete with wind stirring the pine boughs to gently lull campers to sleep.

In stark contrast to the bargain basement prices at federal campgrounds, I stumbled across an article recently about . . . glamping.  

What is glamping

In addition to being a decidedly unpleasant sounding word, glamping is a contraction for glamorous camping ~ deluxe camping accommodations for the rich and famous who want to get back to nature without leaving creature comforts behind. 

At a resort in Montana’s Big Sky country, which we will call Grubby Paws, elite campers pay $595 per night to rough it by sleeping in cabins with a few extra perks thrown in.  

What kind of perks? 

Well, at the Grubby Paws Resort, the $595 cabin comes with a butler! 

Yup!  You heard me right ~ Grubby Paws Resort provides its glampers with a butler so they don’t have to get their grubby paws dirty.

But, wait . . . there’s more!

If you reserve today, they’ll also throw in a maid!

No, not like Maid Marion (of Robin Hood fame) . . . think Hazel (of TV fame). 

The butler builds the campfire and the maid turns down the heated down comforters on the glamping cots ~ thus allowing glampers to spend more time in the great outdoors roasting marshmallows and wieners and less time struggling pathetically to light a fire.

C’mon, butler, light my fire . . .  

Hmm . . .

Speaking of marshmallows and wieners . . . if the label fits, wear it.

* * * * *

OK, guys . . .

Fact or Fiction . . . the absolute Truth or a Tall Tale for April Fool’s Day?

Post your best guess in the Comment Box below and stay tuned for the next installment in our April Fool’s Day Contest.


1. Ben - March 29, 2010

This is true.

I would go, but only if the maid referred to me as “Mr B” for the duration of my stay.

2. Mandy Ward - March 29, 2010

True! I’ve seen the article somewhere before….

3. kent chapman - March 29, 2010

Is one of the butler’s named Giles French by any chance?

4. Joanne - March 29, 2010

I didn’t even TRY to look this up in Snopes… It’s GOT to be true, since the world just could NOT be complete without these Glampors in it…

5. Joanne - March 29, 2010

Oh, and I’ll bet these Glampers could not watch “Survival” without getting nightmares… Nothing personal, Glampors… You probably think we’re all just GREEN with envy… and maybe we are :-0

6. Richard - March 30, 2010

this just has to be true I so want to glamp

7. nrhatch - April 2, 2010


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