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Say Waht? ~ April Fool’s Contest #14 March 25, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor.

The April Fool’s Day Contest continues!   Post your best guess below.

* * * * *

PC-CatI’ve been boning up on queries, agents, and submission guidelines lately and laughed out loud when I read the following on-line blurb recently:

Submission Rules:

Proof  read your manuscript thoroughly.  – Good advice, but isn’t proofread one word?

Send us your final edited work.  Manuscripts with a lot of fragmented sentences and spelling errors will be sent back to the author for correction. – Fair enough.

Be sure to edit your more than one time and use spell check. – Edit my what?

We do not accept simultaneous submissions! If you have submitted your manuscript elsewhere and have not received a rejection yet, do not send it to us until you have heard back from the other comany. – Shouldn’t that be company?

We try to respond within 1 week of submission, but it depends on how many we receive.  – How many what?

Now, I know as well as anyone that typos immediately appear the minute we post something, but . . . wow! 

How can this many errors appear in a one paragraph blurb from the editor of a publishing company who is admonishing writers to carefully proofread their own work before submitting it for publication? 

* * * * *

OK, guys . . .

Fact or Fiction . . . the absolute Truth or a Tall Tale for April Fool’s Day?

Post your best guess in the Comment Box below and stay tuned for the next installment in our April Fool’s Day Contest.



1. RichardWScott - March 25, 2010

Heh. What a gem.

2. nrhatch - March 25, 2010

Everyone has until April Fool’s Day to enter their best guesses on each post. You can enter them one at a time . . . or all at once.

What will you win? . . . bragging rights!!!

You’ll be able to claim, “I’m nobody’s fool!”

3. kent chapman - March 25, 2010

I’m going to guess this one to be FICTION (?) Sounds probable though.
Hmmmm, naw, I’ll stick with my first instincts. 🙂

4. Ben - March 29, 2010

This would not surprise me – so I will say Yes.

5. Joanne - March 31, 2010

I’m backtracking to the stories I’ve missed…
This is FALSE… even though I believe it could be true.

6. nrhatch - April 1, 2010


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