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My Muse Mews March 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Blogging, Writing & Writers.

In Maryland, my writing had a rhythm to it that has been largely absent  down here in the Sunshine State.  

I finally figured out why ~ the absence of my muse, Tigger. 

Oh, don’t worry, nothing happened to him ~ he’s still around ~ but he hasn’t been helping me to write. 

Probably because of all the brilliant sunshine down here.

In Maryland, soon after I reported to my office to write in the mornings,  Tigger would join me for a brief meditation session. 

He would wander down the hall, sit on the floor beside my chair, and cry to be picked up.  If he felt a bit more energetic, he would hop on the bed and climb onto my lap.

Once comfortably ensconced on my lap, he would nudge my chin with his head, and settle down for a purr-fest. 

I would close my eyes and listen. 

In that meditative stillness, thoughts would slowly surface and I would watch them until I saw something that I wanted to write about that day. 

Once Tigger had his morning fix, he would hop off my lap, curl up on the bed next to me, and close his eyes on the day outside. 

That was my cue to get to work writing down and sharing my thoughts.  

He, in contrast, viewed that moment as the end of his work day and would spend the next seven or eight hours cat-napping on the bed, listening to me tapping away on the keyboard, his slumber undisturbed.

That routine changed once we moved to Florida where the sun greets us with blinding intensity and brilliance more often than not. 

I still report to my office to write in the mornings, but Tigger seldom joins me for a silent morning meditation. 

Instead, when I sit down to write, he crawls under the bed in the guest room to sleep in the shadows, away from the sunlight pouring through the shades. 

For months, I’d been wanting to write, and drawing a complete blank as to subject.  And then my muse showed up. 

Tigger wandered down the hall one morning, sat on the floor next to my chair, and cried to be picked up.

Of course, I complied. 

He contentedly curled up on my lap, smiling in satisfaction at the clouds momentarily obscuring the sun.  After a brief nudge to my chin with the top of his head, he commenced purring.   

I closed my eyes to listen, and finally thought of something to share.


1. Joanne - March 25, 2010

What happens when a Multi-Muse needs a muse…? May I borrow Tigger…? Oh, and would you throw in some of your Florida palms, the water, the wildlife and everything else that teems with images that can break through a writer’s block…?

Of course, now all I really need is to leave my day JOB… I can really do something with those nine hours a day I’m gone from my little home sanctuary, my laptop and my sanity… I’m not complaining… I’m putting this out to the Universe 😉

2. nrhatch - March 25, 2010

Sorry, we don’t loan out Tigger to anyone ~ we would miss him way too much.

Visualize what you want . . . and let the Universe do its magic. : )

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