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Create the Life of Your Dreams March 6, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness.

You are the only expert on your life: 

You are unique.  There’s no one else like you. 
Recognize that individuality in everything you do. 
What you need to be happy is for you alone to decide. 
No one else has sufficient perspective on how you feel inside. ~ Do What You Will (nrhatch) 

As the only expert on your life, you know what’s working, and what is falling short of the bar.   If you don’t, it’s because you aren’t paying attention to the winks, whispers, and nudges of your Spirit . . . LISTEN.

That’s better. 

Now that you see where you are, and where you want to be, how do you get from here to there . . . without exhausting yourself in the process? 

Let the Universe do the heavy lifting for you. 

Visualize what you want and where you want to be ~ as if you already have attained the object of your desire.  

To clarify, don’t sit and visualize wanting to go to the beach ~ that desire will just create suffering.  

Close your eyes and SEE yourself sitting under a swaying palm tree while sipping on a pina colada. 

Listen to the breeze blowing through the fronds. 

Watch the turquoise water as it tickles your toes. 

Aahhh . . . BLISS! 

Great.  Now the Universe sees clearly what it is that you are after and can get to work on your behalf.   

* * * * *

While the Universe is exploring infinite possibilities on your behalf (in order to get you to that pristine beach as soon as possible), what should you be doing?

While waiting for the Universe to do its magic, you should focus on what you do like about your life. 

* An attitude of gratitude recharges your batteries with positive energy ~ filling you with enthusiasm.

* Embracing the positives in your life  acts as a powerful magnet . . . drawing other good things to you.

* Recharging your batteries allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they are presented ~ you’ll have the energy you need to move your ass off the couch and plant it under that palm tree.

* * * * *

While you are shoring up energy for your desired shore leave, the Universe is out there pounding the pavement on your behalf ~ and doing a much better job of it than you could ever do . . . because the Universe is part of the Spiritual Internet

Instead of physically pounding the pavement, or beating its head against the wall (as we are wont to do), the Universe lets spiritual impulses do the walking ~ eavesdropping on conversations until the right opportunity (the one that is perfect for your time and talents) presents itself.

And then Universe attempts to get in touch with you to draw your attention to where it needs to be so you can claim your Golden Ticket to Paradise.  

Sadly, you are off line. 

Having grown impatient with the apparent lack of progress, you’ve tossed your remote on the couch and descended into a negative spiral of energy draining thoughts, such as:  Why can’t I ever get what I want? 

Spirit gets a busy signal and quickly realizes the problem.  It attempts to get you back on line.  It urges you to pick up the remote and change the channel on those self defeating thoughts.

But you can’t hear Spirit, because you are listening to all the negative chatter swirling through your brain.  

You are focused on all the things that you don’t like about your past life, your present life, and your limited view of the future. 

Spirit shakes its head in frustration, and yells louder: 

I’ve got the perfect opportunity for you . . . Steven Spielberg wants a ghostwriter to assist him with his autobiography.  He wants . . .

Laughing at your precarious state of mind, your inner critic chimes in (and further drains your energy) by telling you that you don’t deserve to sip that pina colada under a palm tree anyway . . . because you are a LOSER. 

Predictably, you fall back on habitual patterns: listening to your inner critic, instead of tuning him out to listen to Spirit.

Spirit sighs . . . another opportunity lost. 

To Be Continued in Part 2

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