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Bending the Rules . . . and the Truth February 25, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in People, Poetry, Word Play.
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When I set out on a journey to journal with Haiku, I came across some  advice about writing Haiku which I shall pass along to you, free of charge:

Learn the rules . . . and then forget them.

Great advice!  Don’t all artists want to live by their own rules?

Over the course of a year, in The Haiku Diaries on WEbook,  I penned a few Haiku which resonated with me and others who read them.

One such Haiku (which breaks more rules than it follows) is:

Conditioned to please
we bend the truth to suit our
listener’s deaf ears

We measure our words, so as not to offend, and no one hears us anyway.

American Idol

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Simon Cowell’s brutal honesty on American Idol astonishes us because we are trained (from the time we are toddlers) to bend the truth, and tell little white lies, to avoid confrontation and placate others.

We say, “No, of course, I’m not mad,” when friends let us down, while  thinking, I can’t believe you kept me waiting again!

Of course, while we are saying, “No, really, I don’t mind that you kept me waiting for 45 minutes.  It gave me a chance to unearth the secrets of the Universe,” they are off on another tangent thinking, I should sign up for Salsa lessons with Bob.  That would be fun.

Maybe if we were all a bit more honest, people would actually tune in and hear what we are saying.

Quotes to Ponder:  

* Actions speak louder than words. 

* The first duty of love is to listen.

No rules.  Just write!