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Blackfish December 7, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Amazing Animals, Animal Welfare, Books & Movies.
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Orcas belong in the wild, not in marine mammal parks like Sea World.

This well-received and eye-opening documentary, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, presents footage from Killer Whale trainers who have seen first hand the abuse and misuse of these magnificent creatures.

It lays to rest the PR spin surrounding the death of Tilikum’s trainer, Dawn Brancheau on February 24, 2010.

There are alternatives to keeping Killer Whales in bathtubs for decades.

We can set them FREE.

If you want to help captive Orcas, ask Sea World to retire Tilikum and other Killer Whales from circus acts.

Aah . . . that’s better!

Related Story:  SeaWorld Orlando closing Shamu Stadium until Spring 2014

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1. bwcarey - December 7, 2013

it takes time, there are so many issues, we depend on nature to survive, mother nature, i think she needs a hand, amen

nrhatch - December 7, 2013

What it boils down to in a nutshell: We are GREEDY self-centered egotistical beings who put our needs FIRST without regard for the NEGATIVE impact we have on our fellow residents of this amazing planet. Our perpetual short-sightedness and myopic vision will return to bite us in the butt.

Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Global Warming. Mother Nature has plenty of ways to press the eject button to evict us. :neutral:

2. Tammy - December 7, 2013

I’d really like to see this film and for my family to see it also.

nrhatch - December 7, 2013

It’s a film worth watching. And it’s already having an impact ~ Sea World has closed Shamu stadium until (at least) April 2014.

Let’s hope the closure becomes PERMANENT.

3. Pix Under the Oaks - December 7, 2013

I would like to see this film too. And I am for setting them free.

nrhatch - December 7, 2013

It’s an interesting film. And sad. Most of the trainers are on the side of the orcas and feel that Sea World should close Shamu Stadium for good.

4. Don - December 7, 2013

Yeh! Yeh!

nrhatch - December 7, 2013

Yup! Now that we can bring nature into our living rooms, there is no need for Zoos or Marine Mammal Parks.

5. Judson - December 7, 2013

“Free Willie” ?? From that particular movie, I did learn that their dorsal fins only flop over to the side in captivity. In the wild, they stand straight up. Got to be some sort of message their …

nrhatch - December 7, 2013

Yes! That point is made in this film as well. And many of the claims made by Sea World about the benefits of captivity are debunked. Orcas do NOT benefit from being held captive. Only Sea World profits from perpetuating the status quo.

And the film may have hit its mark . . . since Sea World has closed Shamu Stadium until (at least) April 2014.

6. Eric Tonningsen - December 7, 2013

Every 2-3 years, a sister and a friend of hers trek to the Straits of Juan de Fuca to open water kayak and view (from safe distances) pods of these magnificent mammals. Thank whom/whatever that they are still protected and allowed to flourish in some spaces.

nrhatch - December 7, 2013

Thanks, Eric. If anyone is interested, here’s a great link about kayaking in that area:


7. colonialist - December 7, 2013

How much better it would be to have the resources go to areas where wild dolphins and orcas would interact with humans of their own free will. (In the case of the orcas, being asked nicely not to go snacking on human visitors.)

nrhatch - December 7, 2013

Orca attacks on humans in the wild are few and far between ~ it is mostly orcas in captivity that get “snack attacks.”

“[O]rcas don’t attack people. The question is — why not? On a simple, biological scale they are bigger and stronger than we are, have sharper teeth, and they’re carnivores. Any similar creature might see humans as a tasty little snack, but not orcas.”

* * *

“In fact, the only apparent instances of orcas attacking people have happened at aquatic parks, where the whales have killed trainers. Many experts think these attacks are not malicious, rather a case of play getting out of hand. Howard Garrett of the Orca Network disagrees. He argues the attacks are deliberate, though not in cold blood. Cut off from their pods, confined in small concrete tanks, and hand fed instead of being allowed to hunt, Garrett thinks the pressures build causing the orcas to occasionally lash out.”

To read more:


colonialist - December 8, 2013

Fascinating, indeed. How strange that they are so kind to humans – they chomp seals readily enough, even doing a neat transit across ice to scoop them up.
Oh, how I love it when one has an expert opinion and there is always some other expert to give an opposite one.

nrhatch - December 8, 2013

Many “orca experts” work for marine mammal parks where it behooves them to tout the party line ~ “Oh, he were just playing about . . . he didn’t mean to eat the trainer.” :neutral:

“Dueling experts” is one reason why litigation began to loose its luster for me.” Most of the experts are “paid whores.”

8. ericjbaker - December 8, 2013

Here here.

ericjbaker - December 8, 2013

Or is it “hear hear”?

Either way.

nrhatch - December 8, 2013

It’s “Hear, hear” . . . unless you are calling a dog. :D


The comments on this one are telling:


It’s: Hear, hear!
No, it’s: Here, here.
I think it should be: Hear here! :mrgreen:

ericjbaker - December 8, 2013

Maybe we can all meet in the middle and call it “Heer Heer.”

nrhatch - December 8, 2013

That’ll shake things loose. ;)

9. Behind the Story - December 8, 2013

My daughter called me in tears after seeing Blackfish. Congratulations to Willie Nelson for having canceled his concert at SeaWorld.

nrhatch - December 8, 2013

It’s a moving movie. So glad to hear that Willie Nelson canceled his concert at SeaWorld. :D

10. Three Well Beings - December 9, 2013

Honestly, this is an area where I can say I probably know next to nothing. I would like to see this movie. Thank you for alerting me to it. I will make a point of seeing it soon.

nrhatch - December 9, 2013

It’s well worth watching (even apart from the issue of Sea World and “Shamu”) because it demonstrates how easily the masses are manipulated through “good PR” and marketing.”

11. jannatwrites - December 9, 2013

I don’t like to see any animals mistreated. I don’t know if I can watch this movie, butI think the Orcas should be free to roam their natural environment. They should not be slaves to our entertainment.

nrhatch - December 9, 2013

It’s a well done documentary . . . it documents the reality of life in confinement WITHOUT sensationalizing the negatives.

12. bluebee - December 15, 2013

Will definitely look out for this one – thanks, Nancy

nrhatch - December 15, 2013

It’s an interesting film, BB. Orcas are incredibly social in the wild ~ children stay with parents for years. So different from how they are treated in captivity.

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